Stay-at-home-feminist, part 2

This is the second in a series – click here for part 1.

I suppose the question really shouldn’t be, “Is it possible?” as much as, “Is it a contradiction?”  For, isn’t the idea of a stay-at-home-mom part of the non-feminist camp of thinkers?

No, again, to be a feminist does not mean seeking supremacy or domination; it’s not about a woman proving or trying to prove that she can do everything a man can do.  As a Christian feminist, my highest calling is in being a follower of Christ and being faithful to what he is calling me to do, whatever that might be.  Also, as a Christian feminist, I fight for the right for other believers to follow and fulfill whatever God has called them to.  That’s what makes me a Christian feminist.  For, feminism is not defined by a job or career; it’s defined by the belief and pursuit of equality.

Being a mom does not define the sum total of who I am – it’s a piece of who I am – but it doesn’t define me.  Being a follower of Jesus, that’s what defines me, and it is he who calls me to this role at this time in my life:  to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Yes, a stay-at-home-feminist.


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