Stay-at-home-feminist, part 6

This is the last in a series – click here for part 1.

So what does this mean for me?

For the last few months, I have wrestled with being a stay-at-home-feminist, for all the reasons already described.  The pivotal moment came when I began to see productivity with this new definition, and when I, at last, embraced the wonderful fact that God was calling me to focus on raising my baby for this season of my life.  “It’s just a season,” he reminded me.  My baby will only be a baby for a short amount of time.  After awhile, she won’t need me in this same way, and when that time is gone, it’ll be gone forever.  Did I want to miss out on that?  No, the answer was no.  “You mean it’s okay (it’s productive?) for me to spend my day just interacting with my baby, making her laugh and teaching her new things?”  I asked.  Yes, the answer was yes.

You know it’s God’s call when you can almost feel the chains fall off, as you leap forward in freedom.  Gone were the pressures to start a ministry, look for a job and everything else that meant ‘productivity’ in this world and/or perceived as feminist to the misinformed.  The chains were replaced by the freedom of knowing that I can be a feminist and an SAHM at the very same time.

Awhile ago, I quoted Ruth Haley Barton, “While motherhood is a privilege that offers great joys and great challenges, it is important to remain clear about the fact that motherhood is one part of a whole life lived for kingdom purposes.”  It really is just one part of a whole, but that one part doesn’t have to be dismissed as less important than any of the other of God’s kingdom purposes.  Living out Jesus in this moment.  That’s what I’m doing while I’m caring for my baby.  And that‘s what will continue the revolution.


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