Championing Women

This past week, a friend rebuked me for saying that complementarians do not champion women.  He said that they might find it offensive since they really do feel like they are championing women.

He was right in one respect — they do think they are championing women.  But are they, in reality?

My perspective is that a woman who feels called to be a pastor because God has given her the gifts of teaching and shepherding will not feel championed at all.  Complementarians declaring that she can’t teach and pastor will make her feel ‘silenced’.  She will feel like a second class citizen.  The words may be spoken, “We’re not created unequal, we’re just different,”  but the message that is really heard is, “You’re not good enough for God to use you as a minister.”

My instinct was to apologize for giving offense, but then I realized that I don’t need to apologize.  I need to approach these conversations with humility, but I don’t need to be apologetic.  After all, what’s more offensive than a position that places women in an inferior status and restricts their freedom?

The truth is that women are good enough.  God can and does call them, and there is no reason to be apologetic.


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  1. Posted by Hopscotch Grace on April 3, 2011 at 10:03 am

    This post is so helpful to me, as in my life, I find myself around many christians who are invested in hierarchical gender roles. I say “invested” because they believe in them to the point that I don’t know that they could accept a christianity which does not include those roles as being “truly Christian”.

    I want to shout the good news, the truly good news! that we are all sons of God, in the sense that word (sons) carried when scripture was written: all of us have the full inheritance, rights, and *responsibilities* of a first-born son. (For those who do not know, the first-born son was the child who inherited *everything* back then–please correct me if I am wrong about that.) Females do not need to become male or change their birth order to claim this inheritance. Simply believe that Christ lived and died for you.

    I’m further frustrated and frankly perplexed by women who otherwise seem concerned about unfair/unequal/sexist treatment of women, who seem accepting of it in the church.

    So when it comes time to talk with someone…I’ve sometimes blurted things out, which is NOT helpful. Other times, I’ve held my tongue–which can be appropriate, but sometimes I’ve been quiet when I felt I should have spoken, but did not know what to say.

    Humility. Ah! Humility as someone who is a recipient of the grace of God. Not bravado about bringing “the real truth” or apology for presenting a different, potentially offensive perspective. So I believe that security in being a child of God, security in what you know your place is, as a child of God. Which is wherever God wants you to be.


  2. Posted by Hopscotch Grace on April 3, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    Ah, it seems I missed a few things in my original comment–

    “So I believe that security in being a child of God, security in what you know your place is, as a child of God, is necessary. Wherever God wants you to be, of course, is what your place is.”


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