A woman without her man

I recently came across this funny image:


It’s a funny sentence in that it summons up deep feelings from the age-old battle of the sexes, causing you to root for your own gender.  Men want to say, “Men are better!”  And women want to say, “Women are better!”  It made me wonder, what do I say?

I am a self-proclaimed Christian feminist.  The word feminist always strikes a discordant key.  Images of bra-burning, angry women rise to the surface. But I am a Christian feminist, not a bitter feminist with an axe to grind.  The difference is that I believe in equality.  It’s not that I believe women are better than men or that men are better than women.  I believe that both have equal value as image-bearers of the Creator God.  And we need each other.  Men need women.  Women need men.

When I hear about women being unjustly treated, I admit, I do get angry.  It is a very deep, visceral anger.  But when men are unjustly treated, I feel the same way.  To me, it’s not a mundane issue like the annoyance of getting a soggy newspaper every morning because it was rained on by my sprinklers.  Injustice makes me angry.  I think it’s because when someone gets cheated, it means that someone else has stomped on the intrinsic value God has given to his image-bearers.  It’s wrong.  And we are supposed to be angry about it.


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