How I Became an Egalitarian: How it all Began

This is going to be Part 1 in a series.

My journey began with these questions:

1.  If women can only teach other women and children and no men, then at what age does a boy become a man which would make her teaching become invalid to him?  How does a boy’s birthday invalidate a woman’s teaching?

2.  Why would God gift some women with the ability to teach but not allow men to learn from the insights he’s given them?

3.  Why are women sent and encouraged to evangelize, preach, and teach on the mission field, but not when they are back ‘home’ in their home churches?

4.  Why is it that when a woman (e.g. a woman missionary) is invited to be the speaker on a Sunday morning, she is said to be “sharing” or “speaking” or “giving her testimony”, when in reality, she is preaching, teaching and exhorting?

5.  If God never wanted women to preach and teach, why are there men who learn something and are blessed, inspired and encouraged by women who do preach and men who are willing to receive it?

Those were my initial questions in the first years of my faith.  Those were the questions that kept haunting me.  And the reason why these questions bothered me was that, from the very beginning, I had this unwavering trust that God made sense.  He is not like the whimsical Greek gods that changed their minds based on their selfish desires.  He is a God who is unwavering in his character, and he makes sense.  And these few verses in the Bible which set limitations on how women can serve God did not make sense to me.

Click here for the next part in the series.


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  1. I have the same questions as well. Keep pressing forward 🙂


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