a break from the series

I’m taking a break from my series this week, as my grandfather passed away this past weekend.

Below are just some thoughts I’ve gathered during this time.

Another Grief Observed

When someone dies,
they leave an empty space forever.
When someone dies,
they leave a hole that can never be filled.

Grief ebbs and flows like the ocean’s tides.
It peaks and wanes like the ocean’s waves.

If you keep busy,
you sometimes forget that you’ve lost
something irrecoverable.

Grief feels like someone pumped your heart
with a sack of cement —
why does it feel so heavy?

Grief feels like your heart
detached itself from your body
and is running miles away opposite from you.
On and on it runs.

But grief feels lighter in the light of God.
Grief feels cradled when brought before God.
Grief has a chance to heal when observed before God.

Observed —
not neglected,
not ignored,
not glossed over,
not moved on from it.

But observed,
felt deeply in the heart.

So let the tide come in
and the oceans rise.
Be still, oh busy world!
and wait for me, my heart.

Let grief come in
that it may flow out.


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