How to Argue Biblical Equality by John Stackhouse

Recently, I attended the CBE Conference, and I wanted to report on the content of the plenary sessions.  They were all superb, and it would be well worth it to purchase the recordings of these sessions.

CBE Conference LA 2015
Plenary 1 with Dr. John Stackhouse, “How to Argue for Biblical Equality”

StackhouseMain point for persuading those toward bibical equality: We are working with God and according to God’s calling to make shalom (Gen. 1) and to make disciples (Matt 28). We can do better in furthering our mission to make shalom and make disciples if we free people [both men and women] up to use their gifts and talents. Will this be better with gender equality or without?

People will change their minds only when…
they want to change their minds…or…
when they really *have* to.

How to create a paradigm shift:
1. A person holds a paradigm (their current picture & practice)
– I think the world is a certain way, so I’ll act in a way that corresponds to that way.
– We stick to our paradigm until we can’t anymore.
2. Anomalies: Exceptions
– We make room for exceptions in our paradigm. A few exceptions are acceptable.
3. Crisis: When there’s a failure of paradigm to accommodate anomalies adequately
– The crisis occurs when exceptions amass or when there is a tremendous anomaly.
– People will maintain their paradigm until they “can’t anymore”
4. Paradigm shift: Adoption of alternative

But ultimately, how you argue about biblical equality? The same way we effectively persuade people about most things:
Not by arguing.
But by showing them that by changing their minds, it is in their best interest.

This was a enlightening message and I would highly recommend getting the recording!


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