Misogyny and the Church by Eugene Cho

CBE Conference LA 2015
Plenary 3: Pastor Eugene Cho, “Misogyny and the Church”

Cho (2)Pastor Cho delivered a poignant message on misogyny and the church. He introduced his message by reminding us that good theology goes out into the streets – it engages people and transforms lives. The issue of biblical equality is a matter of life and death. He emphasized that he is not being over dramatic when he says this by illustrating his point with example upon example of times and situations when women and girls faced situations of oppression, abuse and sometimes death because of the way that women are viewed as less valuable than men in so many cultures around the world.

He sees this issue through 3 lenses:
1. As a father: This isn’t just about my daughter but my son. It’s about *all* our children.
2. As an Asian: As a follower of Christ, we need to have the courage to look at our culture through the lens of Christ.
3. As a leader of the church: We must look through the lens of Scripture.

John 4:4 says that Jesus “had to go through Samaria” – Jesus didn’t really have to go through Samaria because Jesus didn’t really have to do anything (he was not forced), but the fact that it says that he had to do it puts emphasis on the fact that he had a purpose for it, and it illuminates God’s heart and Kingdom. There were cultural and sociological reasons why this is significant. Samaria was a place that Jews would walk hundreds of miles out of the way in order to circumvent. They avoided it, but Jesus chose to walk through it. The woman [in John 4] was living in the singular narrative of being a woman living a sinful life. Can you imagine being known by your worse mistakes?

But Jesus changes all this. “Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony” (John 4:39). Her identity has changed because of Jesus. Not only has she been redeemed, but she was used by God so profoundly to impact her entire town. Here we are given a vision of the restoration of what God is and what he will continue to do to bring all things back unto himself.

But here’s the thing: we must be willing to walk through Samaria. How are we living out these things in our own lives?

Truly a moving message. Get the recording! This summary does not do justice.


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